Receiving a Call in North America from a 3 Skypephone…

I just received a Skype call from Andy Abramson; he was sitting in a London Taxi (those reputable black cube-shaped "private hire" boxes with wheels) calling me from a 3 Skypephone at no cost to him. Voice quality was excellent; no interruptions or static. He was calling over a 2.5G GSM/EDGE connection on 3.

Apparently when you turn the phone on it starts up with a iSkoot splash screen; his only complaint was that, although he could use Skype IM, the T9 keyboard probably would, in practice, limit one to sending "Grunts and Groans" (yes, no, emoticons, etc.) as opposed to any lengthy text messages. But it’s certainly useful for providing presence information and for following a chat thread involving others who have access to Skype chat via a QWERTY keyboard.

And now I’m returning to iSkoot on my Blackberry with a full QWERTY keyboard….

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