Skype Petitions FCC On User Empowerment in the Wireless Domain

Jeff Pulver yesterday brought to our attention a petition by Skype to the FCC “making the eminently reasonable request that the FCC ensure that its (and, by extension, all) users of mobile devices and networks have the freedom to communicate over wireless networks.” Jeff goes on to comment:

I think this petition should have important ramifications for all those that wish to attach devices or provide Internet-based voice and video applications over wireless networks. As things stand now, users are beholden to the wireless gatekeepers who unilaterally determine what devices, what functions, what applications may attach or ride or be accessed from the wireless networks.

One specific request – to start a rulemaking proceeding to determine the legality of the carriers’ restrictions on subscribers’ full access to Internet-based applications – has significant implications for encouraging application innovation in a Voice 2.0 world. I’m sure developers such as OnState with their recently announced OnState ACD for Skype would want to ensure that their call distribution algorithms can reach out to all wireless devices.

Jeff ends with “I ask our friends who care about innovation in the wireless space, edge devices and Internet applications to take this petition seriously, shine a spotlight on the issue and help move the FCC in the right direction” He plans to post a link to the petition when it becomes available and has more specific information for those who want to follow this story to its conclusion.

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