Visiting Skype London

I have had the fortunate opportunity to stop over in London on my return from CeBit 2007 and spend a few days meeting various Skype personnel especially in the Skype Development Program group. Paul Amery, Director (center) and Lester Madden (left), responsible for Partner and Developer Relations, have been great hosts, helping to arrange various meetings and providing me with an Internet connection (where the local hotel wanted £15 per 24 hours for high speed Internet).

On my arrival Wednesday I was provided with an opportunity to make a lunch hour presentation on "An External View of the Skype World" to about 50 or 60 staff members in the Chill-Out Lounge; lots of interest, good questions and, based on feedback, I definitely hit some hot spots. I will follow up with more detailed reports on some of the follow up meetings in separate posts.

I also had the good fortune to be here when Skype Developer Program Partner Jeremy Hague of Netralia was visiting; he made a presentation to Skype staff Thursday on Skylook 2.0 — an Outlook extension that has become one of the Skype Extras Gallery success stories.

But the most interesting story about visiting Skype London is the people I have had the opportunity to meet. First it is truly an international company; within one department of about 20 employees, eleven countries are represented, from as far away as Australia. Yet they have figured out a way to all work together, overcoming any potential cultural and language barriers, to build what is truly becoming the international "Uber-Telecom" company. The enthusiasm, positive attitude and intense interest they bring is a key to Skype’s success. I thank them all for making my visit not only a success but thoroughly enjoyable.

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