CES: 3 Days Down; One to Go

Finally got to do some floor visits Tuesday over lunchtime and spent Wednesday afternoon visiting Skype hardware partner booths in the Sands Expo Center. Items that may become posts:

  • Will the Skype-eBay integration become much more viral with an eBay tab in your Skype client?
  • Will any Skype hardware vendors figure out how to get their Skype hardware into North American retail channels?
  • How can you have a mobile platform (that includes Skype) that has Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer but no Windows Mobile 5 OS?
  • How can you have phone numbers in several cities that all come back to your favorite mobile phone.
  • What is the market positioning for (i) Dual Mode Internet phones and (ii) Desktop Internet phones? Target markets, demographics, key features, etc.
  • What role Skype plays (and can play) in Windows Vista? (All BlogHaus participants had an opportunity to obtain a copy of the forthcoming Vista release.)
  • What is the most popular mobile communications platform actually in use by CES attendees? How can you text message without paying for carrier data plans?

What I can say briefly is that Skype is permeating the offerings of many more vendors that I had anticipated. Off to another day visiting exhibits in the Las Vegas Convention Center and our more detailed reporting will start tomorrow when we are giving some weary legs a rest.

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