Single Click Skype Click2Call within Google Maps

As mentioned previously, installing the Skype Web Toolbar for Firefox provides an opportunity to directly turn phone numbers into Skype Call hyperlinks with a single click. Let’s do a Google Local search for Barnes and Noble in Berkeley, CA:

Note two locations for phone numbers: one the store listing on the left and also on the store banner that pops up near the geographical location for the store. But the story listing on the left includes a Click-to-Call button from Skype. One click and your call is on its way to your PSTN (or Skype) destination. Use of the "phone" links in the banner on the right is a multi-click process. But with Skype there is "No Call Back, no waiting telephony".

Oh, and (i) this works for locations worldwide with no "call back"! involved, whereas the Google feature requires that you be on a US-based wireline network, and (ii) it works using single click telephony via Skype! Keeping it simple!

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